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India is a land of monuments and culture. It is reported that civilization started in India dating back 6000 years. People live here following customs and their traditions. Every state in India has its own tradition. Starting from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, every Indian is bound to the tradition that they do not fail to follow for generations together. Though people get influenced with the modern civilization and western culture, they have their custom as a strong basement. India has one of the Seven Wonders of the World namely, the symbol of love Taj mahal. It has attracted people from all over the world. It also has many other monuments and temples which were constructed with intricate details and information many years ago. They stand as a symbol to show the people in the future of how big and fabulous the civilization was. India has the biggest tourism industry due to these monuments. Yearly, it earns billions of money, through these tourism and travel industries. The monuments in the southern part of India talk about the Cholas, Pandeva’s and the Cheras who ruled the Deccan, whereas the monuments in the north of India talk about the Akbar and Jahangir way of ruling. Indians give immense importance to god and hence the construction of so many temples all over the country. B&B Accommodation Lake District


Out of many historic treasures in India, the one in Bhanpura area in Madhya Pradesh is said to the most ancient. This place is situated near the Gandhi Sagar Wildlife Sanctuary in Mandsaur District. The historic treasure is in the form of pre-historic rock paintings and collection of art works depicting the evolution of civilization. Many of these historic paintings were stolen or damaged due to lack of conservation and protection. Government should take necessary steps to at least save the remaining historic monuments and paintings that stand as the only evidence for civilization existence. People should take a Bhanpura tour to see the lovely art work on rocks.

Importance of valuing

Reports say that these paintings are 35000 years old and were executed in different shades of red, ochre and rarely black and white. People those days made compositions on the outer surface of the rocks but many paintings were damaged due to sunlight, wind and rain. Take a Bhanpura tour and see the civilization living in rocks still.

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Pests may damage the furniture and food stuffs

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Malaysia is nice country to make the holiday trips. The atmosphere would be calm and the places are without much pollution. The climate is only twenty six degree. So there would not be very hot when moving outside of the country. The country capital is Kuala lumpur. There is an international airport. The traffic would not be much to say. There are many taxi services are available and limousine service is also available to hire and enjoy the road travel. There are many islands and many couples come and stay for their wedding anniversary and for the first nigh and for honeymoon trip. The places are very much attracting the new comer and they can also visit the Singapore because the travel from Malaysia to Singapore is only seventeen kilometers from Johabaru. There is an attractive park is in Kuala lampur and the people would enjoy really with happiness. The joy is assured for the people who are visiting to the above country. There are many countries offering their flight service to the above place. Especially the Malaysian airlines are covering most of the parts of the world. In case, a person could travel to nearby country from his country he could catch the Malaysian airlines and get the tickets for the people in the above country are more interested to have many tourist so they receive with the warm welcome for the tourists.

The scratch map contains all the details where to visit and how to visit and the travel plan and the tourist guide information etc. So there would not be any problem for the traveler to visit the above place with the joy. The joy would be unlimited for visiting the above country. The country is not permitting the unwanted birds which is troubling the travelers and resident of the Malaysia so they are shooting such birds, so the cleanliness is maintained to hundred percent. There would be twenty four hours service to remove the dust from the homes and from the offices. The entire information could be had from the scratch map and the map is available with Many people find the above map is very much useful to them. Once they make a trip, they recommend the above map to the others and for the new travelers who are visiting globally for the holidays. It is too difficult to direct a trip without the above map.

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It’s never too early for a good plan to come together. If you’re about to begin your travel plans and want to take the family to one place that has it all – something so cool, even the teens will put their smart phones down, pick up yours and start making plans to visit Orlando, Florida. Many folks are already making detailed plans for the coming holiday season, especially for places that tend to get crowded.  You won’t have that problem is Orlando is your destination. There’s so much to do there, you can pack a weeks’ worth of fun into one day. If a birthday is coming up that’s a real milestone, celebrate in Orlando. If your anniversary is happening around the same time as dad’s retirement – celebrate that in Orlando, too. And if your teens want to see the latest shows at Universal Theme Park, it’s time to check out the Best of Orlando, a site that will help you pull it all together. Orlando is a locale known worldwide as a focal point for family entertainment and relaxation during the traditional holiday season.  But there’s so much going on, you need a site like the Best of Orlando where you can buy the tickets you need to plan for it all.


You might be familiar with the events and activities that take place each year during the holiday season in Orlando.  Not just the traditional sports events and parades, but also the many activities and places families can visit and share both the holiday spirit as well as the chance to see some of the great attractions available in Orland and the Florida Space Coast.  These range from the attractions at Walt Disney World and the Orlando Them Park complex to the NASA center at Cape Canaveral.  These activities and events may be found when you look up the Best of Orlando web site.  You can find the activities that interest you and your family the most, check their schedules and order you tickets and reservations right now.


And ordering them right now using a Groupon promo code is something you want to do, even if you may think to yourself, “Why, it’s not even Halloween yet!”  Because as we well know, major activities and events can sell out months and sometimes even years in advance.  So, the sooner you order the tickets for yourself and your family and purchase them online using your Groupon to obtain a discount or special admission, the easier it will be for you to get the wheels in motion for your family’s holiday vacation.  Once you’ve got your trips and events lined up, you just need to begin preparing everyone and getting your travel arrangements in order. Can you think of a better way to start a new year?


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Every car owner should not ignore the importance of a well-maintained car, whether the car is used daily or occasionally. If you happen to live in Singapore, you can easily see more options for car workshop in Singapore, so that you cannot easily slip from this mandatory requirement. During any car’s lifespan, a number of repairs and maintenance tasks must be completed in order to keep the vehicle running as smoothly as possible. Some of these tasks are less essential, like cosmetic and bodywork, while some are vital, including oil changes, brake repair, headlight and taillight replacement, spark plug replacement, and others. Proper car repair is a necessity to keeping your vehicle safe, sound, and running. The first thing you should do before a car repair is make note of any vital information regarding the condition of your car. Specifically, you should check the tire pressure and fluids levels, if you know where to look and how to check. While there are instruments that you can pick up at a local auto supply shop to check for tire pressure, checking the fluid levels is purely a visual test. By asking for help from someone who knows how to check fluid levels or researching said information, you will be able to obtain this vital information. To do these checks use the Internet to see more options for car tyre in Singapore, if you need any tire retread or replacement.


Find the right service provider

Be it one in all the most effective repair outlets in Singapore or maybe somebody who is new within the business, they solely offer a good automobile repair service Singapore. But, what differentiates them is that the quality of labor and then you ought to seek for somebody who will take excellent care of your vehicle. Here come the foremost vital queries; however can you discover such a shop? Just like all different professionals, automobile repair specialists additionally got to work within the field to be referred to as good service provider. At time you can able to see more options for car battery Singapore, when your car battery has been diagnosed as defective. However the mechanic ought to even be professionally trained by specialists and may recognize each little detail concerning your automobile, it’s completely different components and the way you ought to beware of it. Sometimes, DIY lovers opt to do the repair work don. However it will   be suggested to avoid such things and leave these jobs to the hands of the professionals. Be it for brake repair or automobile service Singapore, have a chat with the professionals or visit your nearest garage.